A Novel Fault Classification Scheme for Series Capacitor Compensated Transmission Line Based on Bagged Tree Ensemble Classifier

This paper presents a novel intelligent fault classification scheme for fixed series capacitor compensated transmission line. The singular value decomposition principle is applied along with the fast discrete orthonormal S-transform (FDOST) and bagged tree ensemble classifier for classification of faults under different scenarios. Classification input features are extracted from 1/2 cycle post-fault current data through the FDOST. The feasibility of the proposed relaying scheme is tested on a modified WSCC 3-machine 9-bus system under different fault conditions using PSCAD/EMTDC, and the results indicate the proposed scheme to be fast and accurate. The robustness of the proposed scheme to noise and current transformer saturation is also established. The obtained results under different fault scenarios confirm the efficacy of the proposed scheme.


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