Album Review: LoVE me NOw?

Tory Lanez is different kind of animal when it comes to versatility . His switch up game can come at any time. You might get mixtape Tory in the fall, battle rap Tory in the summer or studio Tory when Interscope needs a project ASAP. Rumor has it that ‘mixtape Tory’ is undefeated; ladies clearly love ‘Chixtape.’ On October 23, Tory wrote a major tweet stating, ‘This project #LoveMeNow was treated like a mixtape, because that’s where my best music lives…I really hope you love pun intended.’ Did LoVE me NOw fulfill it’s purpose? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

LoVE me NOw consist of 15 songs filled with melodies, excessive auto-tune and some of the games heaviest hitters. Judging from his last hit single ‘B.I.D’ you could tell what direction Tory was going in for his third studio album. Describing LoVE me NOw would go a little something like this: Tory got vibes for days. It’s not an album mean’t for fans to get to know him better, it’s an album that shows he could make a million hits if he really wanted to.

In LoVE me NOw, Tory Lanez leaves his roots Toronto alone for awhile to pay tribute to his adopted hometown: Miami. In songs like ‘FlEXiBle’ featuring Chris Brown & Lil Baby, ‘DriP DrIp Drip’ featuring Meek Mill, ‘FeRRis WhEEL’ featuring Trippie Redd, and ‘MiAMi’ featuring Gunna, Tory is all about money. He talks about all his yachts, Jet Skis, expensive shoes and clothes, and his foreign women. It’s good to hear Tory flex because it’s unusually rare for him to take a break and have fun in his music. Plus, what good is it to be serious all the time when you work hard year around. If anything in these songs, Tory teaches you the good ol’ work hard, play later method.

SHE tOld Me’, T’hE RUn oFF,’ ‘YoU ThouGHt WrONg,’ ‘KeeP IN tOUcH’ featuring Bryson Tiller, ‘CuT me oFF’ featuring NAV and KJm are all interesting songs. Because their the personal tracks on the album. Each one of these songs are directed to some type of person in Tory’s life. Whether it’s his women, fake friends, flexers or haters. Tory has a a few bars for anyone who wants the smoke.

Out of every song on LoVE me NOw, my favorite song has to be S.w.I.n.G (feat. PnB Rock & Trey Songz) because Tory kept his promise. S.w.I.n.G definitely gave me mixtape vibesss. It’s the cuffing season anthem. He brought the R&B OG Trey Songz out of retirement and to end it threw some Philadelphia sauce on top with PnB Rock. If you’re not a Tory Lanez fans please just at least give S.w.I.n.G a chance.

Tory Lanez might not be a new-age Top 3 artist but he’s without a doubt a hit maker. Overall, I rate LoVE me NOw 10 out of 10. It was nothing but fun!


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