An Improved Web Cache Replacement Algorithm Based on Weighting and Cost

Cache memory plays an important role in improving the performance of web servers, especially for big data transmission, which response time is constrained. It is necessary to use an effective method, such as web cache. Because an outstanding cache replacement algorithm can not only reduce the users access time but also improve the performance of the system. The traditional used weighting replacement policy does not consider the size parameter, hence, it may perform poorly while the datasets are larger. In this paper, we propose a novel, high-performance cache replacement algorithm for the web cache, named weighting size and cost replacement policy (WSCRP) bases on the weighting replacement policy. The algorithm recalculates the objects weight with adding the cost attribute in the cache, then orders the weight. Additionally the influence of various factors on the Web object as frequency, time, and cost value are considered. When the cache space cannot satisfy the new request object, the replacement policy WSCRP replaces the largest weighting and cost object. The experiments show that proposed algorithm has higher


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