Array Synthesis for Optimal Microwave Power Transmission in the Presence of Excitation Errors

Beam capture efficiency (BCE) is one key factor of the overall efficiency in a microwave power transmission (MPT) system. However, excitation errors of transmitting array are inevitable in practice, which always cause deviation of BCE from the designed one. In this paper, we propose a synthesis method of transmitting array for optimal MPT by using cooperatively coevolving differential evolution (CCDE) algorithm while considering excitation errors including amplitude errors and phase errors. Toward this purpose, a statistical analysis (SA) method is also presented to evaluate the achievable worst BCE in the presence of excitation errors. The tolerance of BCE against the random excitation errors is simulated by computer program, and the positions and nominal excitation amplitudes are both simultaneously optimized to improve the worst BCE. Simulated results show that the worst BCE is improved about 4% from 81% to 85% based on the SA-CCDE synthesis method for the excitation errors (σδ, σφ) = (0.1,10°), where δn denotes the amplitude error in percent and Φn represents the phase error.


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