ASUW President Jones resigns

ASUW’s 106th president, Seth Jones, announced his resignation at the conclusion of this semester’s final ASUW meeting, citing a need to focus on his personal life.

“This is difficult for me to say, but the time has come for me to step down from my role as ASUW President,” Jones said. “I am taking a step back to focus on my mental health and personal well being. I will officially resign on December 13th and am taking this leave of absence in good faith of those around me. I am thankful for all the support I have had during this process, and I value the many relationships that I’ve been able to develop throughout my time in ASUW.”

The main takeaway from his role as president of the student government was one can learn a great deal from a single experience, Jones said.

“I do not leave the regret of what I could have done or what I may be missing out on in the upcoming semester,” Jones said. “I have thought that this experience gave me a wonderful opportunity to truly learn more about the university, myself, what I hope to pursue going forward, and my own life.”

Vice President for Student Affairs Sean Blackburn addressed the student senate to thank Jones for his service and recognize the work he’s done for the student government—noting that Jones has been at work as president since well before the beginning of the regular semester.

“He’s been in the meetings and in the rooms with trustees and other university administrators, and he’s always faithfully executed what the senate has wanted and what was best for students,” Blackburn said. “I want to tell you all, it is not easy when the vice president comes out to you and says ‘Mr. President, you have five minutes to make a decision about this.’ Seth, you’ve done a great job and we commend you for your service.”

Following the official conclusion of Jones’ term, the mantle of leadership will pass to current Vice President Alex Mulhall—with the office of vice president passing in turn to College of Education Senator Jason Wilkins.

“We appreciate your service, we commend you in your decision and I look forward to moving on with the things we originally set out to do,” Mulhall said.

Jones and Mulhall ran together for president and vice president during the spring semester.

“As we move forward, I have complete confidence in Vice President Mulhall and Senator Wilkins to continue in their new roles,” Jones said. “Thank you all for being alongside me for this journey, it has been an honor to serve the students of the University of Wyoming.”


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