Bear Bites: Decadent Dessert Bar

The only thing that can make a great meal better is a great dessert. A new fast-casual dessert place has recently opened up in downtown Macon, and it has plenty of desserts.

Decadent Dessert Bar is a small franchise whose newest location is on 530 Poplar Street. Not just a bakery, Decadent offers everything from ice creams to cake to specialty dessert skillets.

The Good:

The Sweets

As expected, the desserts were well-received by myself and those who tried Decadent with me. We tried the S’mores Skillet, made fresh and served warm with marshmallows halfway melting over the hot cookie.

“This dessert is the perfect reward for making an A on my psych exam,” said Junior Haleigh Smith.

The desserts can also be used for making oneself feel better after not doing so well on an exam.

The Variety

With options ranging from specialty coffee to cannolis, everyone can find something that they like.

Junior Erica Duncan said she tried a blueberry cake because she wanted something with a lighter flavor. She praised the cake’s moist texture above all else.

The Questionable:

The Price

Deliciousness comes at a price. Though the price of the desserts ranges from around $3 to $8, they often are slightly on the higher side of price compared to buying store-bought ice cream or pastries from a coffee shop.

That said, variety and quality are beyond what one could find at the grocery store.

“My milkshake was good, and I had never seen cannoli ice cream before, let alone a cannoli milkshake,” said photographer Peter Garcia.

The Bad:


Decadent has a clear role: providing great desserts to Macon. It does an excellent job of fulfilling its role, and I expect it will turn into a popular downtown spot.


Will 4/5

Peter 3.5/5


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