Best fall hiking spots in Tuscaloosa

Lake Lurleen, Lake Nicol and Hurricane Creek are just a few of the popular hiking spots

surrounding campus, giving students the opportunity to take full advantage of beautiful fall days.

Lake Lurleen, located a little over 8 miles from downtown Tuscaloosa, offers a hiking trip for those who prefer extensive trails. After paying a $4 entrance fee into the park, the trail can take around 12 hours to cover, making it an all-day activity. However, not every trail at Lake Lurleen is difficult.

“Lake Lurleen has much longer trails but has more variety,” said Ruth Hallstead, a sophomore majoring in communications and Spanish. “There is more variety in that they have a camper out there and mountain bike trails as well. Lake Lurleen is also well-marked, and the maps provided are simple to see while hiking.”

Views from the cliffs, plenty of trees to set up hammocks and an easy hike are a few of the features of Lake Nicol. Less than ten miles from campus, the trail’s main appeal lies in its non-linearity. Due to the fact that Lake Nicol is not recognized as a state park, there are no fees for hiking along the trail.

Hurricane Creek offers an appeal for those who are seeking much shorter trails than the previous two locations. Located five miles from campus, it’s free to the public, and like Lurleen, its trails are perfect for mountain bikers. There’s also a creek at the end of one trail for warmer days.

“There are some nice views, and there is a creek that you can walk or swim in,” Hallstead said. “Hurricane Creek is small, but the trails are well-maintained, which makes it simple to see where you are going. The trail does end abruptly, meaning you have to make a back route, so it depends on what you are looking for and can be confusing if it is your first time hiking.”

Anyone interested in visiting these parks can find more information by searching their respective pages on Facebook.



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