Biology professor accused of sexually harassing a student, retires

Gregory Ahearn, the UNF professor that was under investigation on alleged sexual harassment claims, has retired, according to university officials.

According to Public Relations Director Joanna Norris, Ahearn retired on Nov. 26.

The investigation started after a student made claims that Ahearn was engaging in inappropriate activity of a sexual nature and made sexist comments toward a female student.

On Sept. 20, Ahearn was given notice that he had these allegations against him and that he would be placed on leave during the investigation. The investigation, according to Norris, is finished. Spinnaker is currently waiting for the results.

Spinnaker reached out to Ahearn for comment but has not received one at the time of publishing. This article will be updated if that changes.

Spinnaker investigators found this isn’t the first time Ahearn has had sexual harassment complaints filed against him. There were also incidents in 2008 and 2012 that showed Ahearn allegedly engaged in inappropriate behaviors towards female students.

Spinnaker will update this story as more information becomes available.

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