Blue wave hits House, largely misses Indiana in midterm elections

Tuesday’s midterm elections concluded with Democrats winning a majority in the U.S. House for the first time since 2009 and Republicans retaining their majority in the U.S. Senate, the Associated Press states.

In the Indiana General Assembly, Republicans continue to maintain a supermajority in both the state Senate and the state House with Democrats making small net gains in both.

The relatively high midterm turnouts nationally was reflected in Delaware County as well, with the county clerk’s office reporting a turnout of 47.28 percent, the highest midterm voter turnout percentage since 1994, the Indiana Election Division states. With 38,192 voters casting their ballots, this was also the highest total midterm turnout since 1994.

Here are the results for the top races in Indiana and Delaware County this midterm. By Wednesday afternoon, some counties were still tallying votes so percentages are not necessarily final.

U.S. Senate:

With 52.5 percent of the popular vote, Republican Mike Braun defeated incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly with 43.4 percent of the Hoosier vote, the one-term Democratic senator who represented Indiana since 2013, and Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton with 4.1 percent.

Braun formerly served as the state representative from Indiana’s 63rd House District from 2014 to 2017. Braun will join Sen. Todd Young as the two Republican senators from Indiana.

Braun’s campaign website states that he is a conservative businessman who is pro-life and has a lifetime A rating from the National Rifles Association. It also states that he is for repealing and replacing Obamacare and supports President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and proposed border wall. It also lists creating jobs for Hoosiers, draining the swamp, reducing government spending, strengthening the military and honoring veterans among his main issues.

U.S. House:

Greg Pence, the older brother of Vice President Mike Pence, with 63.8 percent of the popular vote, defeated Democratic candidate Jeanine Lee Lake with 32.9 percent and Libertarian candidate Tom Ferkinhoff with 3.3 percent to win Indiana’s 6th Congressional District race.

Greg’s campaign website states that he is a faith-driven, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment conservative who staunchly supports the Trump-Pence agenda. It also states that he formerly served as an officer in the Marine Corps.

Other congressional district races in Indiana saw no change with both parties maintaining control of their previously held House seats.

State Senate:

Tim Lanane, the incumbent Democratic state senator was re-elected with 51.9 percent of the district’s vote defeating Republican candidate Zaki Ali with 44.1 percent and Libertarian candidate Robert Jozwiak with 4 percent to retain his seat in Indiana’s 25th State Senate District. Lanane, a Ball State alumnus, has held this seat since 1997 and has been the state Senate Minority Leader since 2013.

Lanane’s campaign website states raising wages, solving the opioid crisis, affordable healthcare, investing in public education and fixing Indiana’s Department of Child Services as his top issues.

State House:

Sue Errington, the Democratic incumbent state representative ran unchallenged in Indiana’s 34th State House District. Errington has held this seat since 2012 and was previously a state senator from Indiana’s 26th State Senate District from 2006 to 2010.

Errington currently sits on the education, natural resources and House ethics committees. Her website states that she’s a leading proponent of green jobs and renewable energy, and a strong voice for public education and early childhood education.

State Executive Officers:

All three executive offices up for election in Indiana were retained by their Republican incumbents.

Connie Lawson with 58 percent of Indiana’s vote defeated Democratic candidate Jim Harper with 38.8 percent and Libertarian candidate Mark Rutherford with 3.2 percent to retain her seat as secretary of state, one that she’s held since 2012.

Tera Klutz with 57.1 percent of the vote defeated Democratic candidate Joselyn Whitticker with 39.4 percent and Libertarian candidate John Schick with 3.5 percent to retain her seat as state auditor, one that she’s held since 2017.

Kelly Mitchell with 60.6 percent of the vote defeated Democratic candidate John Aguilera to retain her seat as state treasurer, one that she’s held since 2015.

Delaware County Sheriff:

With 52.7 percent of the county’s vote Republican Tony Skinner defeated Democratic incumbent Ray Dudley with 47.3 percent of the vote in the Delaware County sheriff race. Skinner’s campaign website states that he is a Ball State alumnus, who served in the sheriff’s office since 1995, including 19 years on the office’s SWAT Team.

Ballot Measures:

Hoosiers also voted “yes” on a ballot question this Tuesday regarding a budgetary amendment requiring the Indiana General Assembly to adopt balanced budgets that do not exceed estimated revenues unless voted on by a supermajority in both houses of the state assembly.

This referendum passed with 71.9 percent voting yes so far, although on Wednesday, some counties are still counting votes for this ballot question.

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