Books or movies—which is better?

If someone ever ask me, “Which do you think is better: the book or the mov­ie?” I wouldn’t even hesitate to answer, “The book. The book is always better.”

This age-old debate will never get old. Some people probably don’t care. But to book lovers everywhere, it’s an answer to a question that will never change.

As an avid reader who fell in love with books a few years ago, I’ve grown to love books as an art all on its own. A world comes to life in the pages of a book, words on pages transform into pictures and images in one’s mind, trans­porting a reader into a world unlike any other. I treasure books and how they make me feel and when a book trans­forms into a movie, more than likely the movie won’t be anything like the book.

But to be fair, if there’s a book that I’ve read that is turned into a movie, I could set each one aside and look at them as individuals. I’ve said before, “The mov­ie, not comparing it to the book, it was ac­tually OK. But only if you don’t compare it to the book.” It goes the other way also.

Yes, I won’t deny that when there is a book that was turned into a movie adap­tion there are some circumstances when the movie could be better, but for me it’s rare.

There are a lot of books out there that have had their time in the limelight that I have not read. But that doesn’t mean oth­er people haven’t.

Alexander Armstrong, the present­er of Classic FM’s Summer Book Club, has a top 10 list of books to movies that work best for him. “Sense and Sensibili­ty,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Schindler’s List,” “Fight Club” and “To Kill A Mock­ingbird” are just a few on his list.

And with Netflix taking off in turning books into movies, we are sure to see a lot of people’s list grow as we see what direc­tors and producers do when the books that avid readers fell in love with first.

But why do readers not like the adap­tion of certain books that are made into a movie? Many reasons actually.

One could be that the actor or actress that was chosen for the character was so far off base from what they had in mind or the acting as a whole was a disaster.

Two, many parts in the books might not make it into the final production of the movie and when that certain part in the book just so happens to be a favorite of the reader, it’s just asking for trouble with the readers who fell in love with the book from the start.

Or, the movie just didn’t do the book justice. There have been many instances in the past where the movie failed the book.

I always dread whenever I learn a book I’ve read is being turned into a movie. Especially if it’s a book that I fell in love with.

I almost, dare I say, don’t want a book that I read and wholeheartedly fell in love with don’t want it to get turned into a movie and potentially become a train wreck. I stand behind this because in my heart when I read the book it came to life in my mind and in some ways, that is enough for me.


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