Bulk contraceptives now available

Vandal Health Education is now offering a system to provide bulk condoms to groups on campus for distribution to members. The goal of this new initiative is to increase campus wide access to condoms and other barrier methods and reduce the spread of STI’s.

Graduate Support Assistant for Vandal Health Education Madie Brown said this program aims to reduce the stigma that surrounds accessing safer sex supplies.

By completing the online order form, a requestor can receive one bag of 50 external, latex, lubricant condoms, 50 single-use lubricant packets completely free of charge. The form asks the group if the requestor is associated with them and if they would like to pick up or delivery.

Groups can also request additional sexual health items such as non-latex and a non-lubricated condom.

Brown noted students not associated with a group that would like access to smaller amounts of condoms can visit the four discrete campus locations which include the Well Space in the Student Rec Center, external condom dispensers in the residence halls and both the men’s and women’s restroom in the LLC’s, as well as the Women’s Center.

Students can also access free condoms and pregnancy tests in the Women’s Center and at the Student Health Clinic on Main Street as well as through the Planned Parenthood Generation Action

Students can learn more about sexual health at the upcoming Sex in the Dark event on Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Ag Sci Auditorium. There will be a panel to answer anyway sexual health and relationship related questions.

Groups that would like to access the online form through Vandal Health Ed Website at www.uidaho.edu/sexualhealth

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