Burglary in Mertz Hall Dorm Room

A Loyola student’s dorm room was reportedly robbed by an unknown suspect Monday evening, officials said.

A suspect entered Mertz Residence Hall, located at 1125 West Loyola Avenue, by “piggy-backing,” meaning they did not swipe an ID card and followed someone in, according to a crime alert sent to the Loyola community by Campus Safety the day after the incident. While the suspect was in the building, items were taken from a female student’s unlocked room. Campus Safety and the Chicago Police Department (CPD) didn’t say which floor the robbery occurred on.

The female left her room and discovered property missing when she returned, according to an email from CPD News Affairs Officer Christine Calace. No one in custody, according to Calace.

Campus Safety is working with CPD to investigate, according to the crime alert.

Anyone with information on the incident can call CPD at (312) 744-8263 or Campus Safety at (773) 508-6039.

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