Campus Christian Community Worships with One Purpose

Keenan Thungtrakul/Senior Reporter

As the Christmas season prepares to enter full swing, Embry-Riddle’s campus Christian organizations came together to show that despite the divides that make each denomination of faith different, all of them serve one purpose, shared amongst all the believers present. This event is a one-of-a-kind gathering, bringing together three different campus faith groups: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, LoveWorld, and the Catholic Student Union. Andrew Teubl, head of the event, said that the goal of One Purpose is to influence lives. He wants to create a space where Christians of all backgrounds can unify under one common belief and pray for the Embry-Riddle campus. Teubl hopes that the believers who attend will gain a mindset that allows them to love others without conditions, embracing similarities while sidelining differences. He hopes that people can walk away knowing that they have a purpose, are here for a reason, and that they are not alone in the struggle that is college life. 

The night turned out to be a success. A group of roughly 30 believers came out to bond with one another over pizza, enjoy worship time campfire-style, and leave denominational boundaries aside as they hear a sermon on how Christians ought to live in unity with one purpose and embrace each other despite the differences in beliefs. Teubl mentions that it is the common core beliefs shared among believers that makes them Christians. In an age where divisions seem to be rampant, finding similarities among people of different backgrounds is something to be cherished. Being able to connect with other people on common beliefs is key to being able to support each other through a mutual friendship. Teubl says that there is an emotional difference between a friendship built on shared values and trust and a simple “hey, what’s up” kind of friendship. The former enables one to feel a deeper bond with the other person and allows individuals to be open and honest. This paves the way to the friendship becoming one where both sides can emotionally support each other when the going gets tough, trusting the other with information that poses as emotional weights, keeping one from performing at full capacity. Life will never cease to throw out challenges, so it is essential to have a strong support network of friends that one can rely on for comfort when it is needed. The latter does not provide an open door for building a support bond. It keeps interactions at surface-level and does not touch on what is going on inside the other person, if at all. Observing the deep, powerful, and intensive night of prayer leaves one in awe at how much this group cares for the campus and for each other. Each person wants to positively impact lives and provide emotional support to those that need it. 

Planning out such an impactful event requires placing aside differences at the beginning. Teubl said that it takes people of multiple backgrounds to organize and hold such a night. The main speaker was Catholic, and the prayer leader was part of a non-denominational group. This conjoining of multiple faith organizations shows that there truly is a common goal and a single purpose that all of the organizations share, and what went on that night served as a powerful testimony to that fact.


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