Campus Commons partially opens

The University of Northern Colorado will open certain areas of the long-awaited Campus Commons on Monday.

According to the university’s website, students will be able to see the inside of the building in between their classes. The UNC Ticket Office opened in early January, operating via regular business hours, and the Office of Admissions and Visitors Center will be available this week for in-person viewing.

Daily admissions tours will also be conducted, allowing students and community members to partake in a 90 minute tour of the campus. These tours include visits inside the Commons. Students and community members can RSVP for a tour on the admissions area of the university website.

In late January, the Pie Cafe will have its grand opening. In February, artist-in-residence Jessica Forrestal will decorate the Commons with her exhibit “ConStructs and ConFines.” The exhibit will be on display from Feb. 7 to March 30. A full timeline of the Campus Commons’ openings can be found on the university website.

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