Cold days ahead of today

Today: We can expect a high in the mid-40s, and we also expect that skies will be mostly clear. So wear a jacket and enjoy the sunshine.

Tonight: Overnight, we expect a low of 31, with westerly winds coming in at 10-15 mph. Bundle up and enjoy the night sky.

Tomorrow: It will be similar to today, with a high in the mid-40s. Expect temperatures to rise in only a few hours for Thursday. The only differences will be that skies will be more cloudy and we can expect a light northerly breeze.

7-Day: A rain-snow mix, along with cold temperatures, might move in around Friday morning. Over Veteran’s Day weekend, we can expect a chilly weekend, with lows dropping into the mid-20s, so wear a heavy jacket during this time. Coming into the work week, we might see some rain-snow mixes around Monday.

– Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams

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