Coming back to WU

Winthrop alumni have many opportunities to join the community and stay connected. The Alumni Associations Office has worked on events to bring alumni back and to keep them engaged in the community.

The Alumni Associations Office held a Faculty and Staff Alumni Luncheon on Nov. 13. During the luncheon, staff members were invited to reminisce on their days at Winthrop and to show pride in their school and the many accomplishments Winthrop has made over the years.

Some past students said that they are proud of the way Winthrop has grown since they graduated and returned as a member of the faculty/staff team.

Elizabeth Moore, Richardson RCL, is a alumna of 2010 who said that her favorite memory from her time at Winthrop was when Obama was elected. She said that because the Digiorgio center had not been opened yet many students gathered in East Thomson to watch his acceptance speech.

“It was crazy to see, because you saw how invested students were as far as being civically engaged but also the history of the moment, but also knowing that you were there in a generational moment. To see and feel the pulse of the moment it was the best,” Moore said.

Moore works as the RCL of Richardson currently and she said that this job has given her the opportunity to meet many incoming students and to get to know them on a personal level. She also said that she hopes many students take Winthrop as a life changing experience rather than just a school.

“Their expectation is to come and get a degree, but they don’t realize that they’re here for experience as well. This is a chance not only to reinvent yourself, but to grow and develop as a person too,” Moore said.

Nicole Chisari is the Communications Coordinator of the Office of Communications and Marketing who said that she loves working for her alma mater, because she is able to see both sides of the university and remain a part of the “family” that she said Winthrop provides.

“It’s awesome, because I have a better understanding and appreciation for Winthrop because I’ve been on both sides [both as a student and faculty], it’s a great place to go to school, and also a great place to work,” Chisari said.

Many Faculty and Staff have said that working for Winthrop is a great opportunity. They said that they loved being able to attend Winthrop as a student and then return as a member of the faculty or staff. Zan Jones is the Associate Chief Diversity Officer of the Office of VP Human Resources. She said that she feels like Winthrop has provided her with an opportunity to foster friendships and grow throughout the years.

“It’s really great. It’s like I never left, it’s like I continue to be a student. [I love] the life long friends I’ve meet and are still in contact with. I love the family atmosphere,” Jones said.

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