Completion of Collision Avoidance Control Algorithm for Multicopters Based on Geometrical Constraints

The collision avoidance problem for multicopters is solved based on the combination of geometrical constraints and kinematics equation through this paper. The method is proposed for solving the vehicle flight from the start position to a destination point with collision avoidance in both static and dynamic environment. First, a collision zone is determined by tangential lines from a current position of the multicopter to the boundary spheres of obstacles. A collision detection angle is computed based on geometrical constraints between the multicopter and the obstacles to determine the shortest avoidance path. Afterward, a guidance law is obtained from the Lyapunov stability to control the heading angle of the vehicle for collision avoidance. In addition, a method to approach a given position after the completion of collision avoidance is also presented in this paper. The proposed method is applied in the outer loop of position and heading control to generate the set point of velocity and heading angular rate. A numerical simulation in different scenarios was performed to prove the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


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