Construction across campus

Three construction projects are in progress across the University of Idaho campus.

Part of Line Street near the LLCs is closed due to efforts to improve the university’s chilled water production and distribution system, said Ray Pankopf, UI director of Architectural and Engineering Services. The existing chiller from the UI Energy Plant is being removed and relocated to a plant adjacent to the UI Golf Course.

The apartment building in decrepit condition at the intersection of Deakin and Narrow Street has been demolished after being acquired by the university.

“The estimated costs of an investment in renovation to bring them up to standards far outweighed any reasonable return on investment,” Pankopf said.

The land is currently being cleared and will be held for the time being as a small turf or lawn area as decisions are made for possible uses for the lot, Pankopf said. There is no definite timeline on the project. There is currently a similar turf lot to the west of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority, which was the result of demolition after the university acquired two small houses, as well as a lot on Nez Perce Drive where Sigma Nu Fraternity stood before it was demolished five years ago.

The GeoProffesional Innovation Corporation are providing hazardous materials assessment and industrial hygienist services. Hazardous materials removal and demolition is being handled by Specialty Environmental, Liberty Lake General Demolition and Magnum’s Construction, all out of Washington.

Construction on the Bruce Pitman Center, meanwhile, is still in progress. The concrete steps are being replaced after they were deemed to be a tripping hazard due to deterioration. Work on the steps is due to be completed in early December.

However, Pankopf said Pitman future construction is planned for summer 2019, depending on the design being completed and the receipt of good bids being within budget. This project is aimed at addressing the crumbling tile exterior of the ballroom portion of the building.

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