CREED hosts conference at USA

The 2018 Gulf Coast Real Estate & Economic Education Conference was hosted in the Student Center Ballroom by USA’s new Center for Real Estate and Economic Development Center on Aug. 8.

“The Gulf Coast Real Estate and Economic Education Conference was made to provide continuing education and network opportunities for real estate, accounting and law professionals,” Assistant Director of CREED Jana Stupavsky, stated. “It does this by bringing nationwide and worldwide experts in the fields of real estate and economics to the Gulf Coast. In addition, the conference provides exposure of The Center for Real Estate and Economic Development, the College of Business and the University to the regional corporate community. It showcases CREED as resources for these individuals to utilize to better their business.”

According to the USA website, “The Center for Real Estate and Economic Development (CREED) works closely with the Department of Economics and Finance at the Mitchell College of Business to promote the real estate education at the University of South Alabama.”

This center is located in the Mitchell College of Business.

The new center plans to offer educational events to students as well as opportunities to network with professionals.

The conference included six lectures relating to real estate and economics and two hour-long networking opportunities.

“[The conference] brings together representatives from both the corporate and university sectors,” Stupavsky stated. “That sparks lots of immediate interest in the University and its activities and as an example from yesterday, multiple companies showed immediate interest in Mitchell College of Business interns, as internship opportunities were introduced.“

Along with knowledge and networking, CREED offers several ways for students to get ahead in their academic pursuit.

After Tony Waldrop’s introduction and before the educational presentations began, Dr. Bob Wood and Dr. Reid Cummings presented several scholarships that students majoring in Real Estate could be awarded such as The Aloyis Sonneborn Endowed Scholarship, Alton R. III and Toni G. Brown Endowed Fund in Real Estate Scholarship and The White-Spunner & Associates Inc. Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate.

The conference also offered continuing education credit hours for students for the first time through the Alabama Bar Association, Alabama State Board of Accountancy and the Alabama Real Estate Commission.

In addition to helping students, CREED also offers services such as business consulting, studies to support company decision making and corporate training to organizations in need of assistance. Stupavsky expressed that the conference gave non-USA students a chance to see what USA has to offer them and their organization.

“Hosting this conference on campus allows many corporate professionals an opportunity to visit campus and gain exposure to the University of South Alabama and the resources and capabilities USA offers the community,” Stupavsky stated.

To learn more about events CREED has to offer, or about the next Gulf Coast Real Estate & Economic Education Conference, the center’s page can be visited on the USA website.


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