Direct Imaging of the HD 35841 Debris Disk: A Polarized Dust Ring from Gemini Planet Imager and an Outer Halo from HST /STIS

We present new high resolution imaging of a light-scattering dust ring and halo around the young star HD 35841. Using spectroscopic and polarimetric data from the Gemini Planet Imager in H -band (1.6 μ m), we detect the highly inclined ( i = 85°) ring of debris down to a projected separation of ∼12 au (∼0.″12) for the first time. Optical imaging from HST /STIS shows a smooth dust halo extending outward from the ring to >140 au (>1.″4). We measure the ring’s scattering phase function and polarization fraction over scattering angles of 22°–125°, showing a preference for forward scattering and a polarization fraction that peaks at ∼30% near the ansae. Modeling of the scattered-light disk indicates that the ring spans radii of ∼60–220 au, has a vertical thickness similar to that of other resolved dust rings, and contains grains as small as 1.5 μ m in diameter. These models also suggest the grains have a low porosity, are more likely to consist of …


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