Don’t forget about our old friends, books

In a world where technology is taking over everything we do, the value of physical things, like a book, are quickly losing the interest of younger generations.

Our once mighty, papery friends used to keep us company through cold, sleepless nights and take us to worlds and places beyond our own realities. They used to be the prime source of entertainment for all, but now we forsake them for television shows and video games. Our old friends must feel so lonely these days.

I remember relying on books for hours on end when I was a wee lad, but as time went on, I began to rely on electronics and the Internet for my entertainment. I know this is the case with many people and I must say I am frankly ashamed of myself and the world for relying on technology in this fashion. Even for things like daily news I’ve come to count on online sources for all my information.

I find this new reliance to be rather problematic. While there are many trustworthy and worthwhile things to browse through on the web, it is still a highly wild and free place where misinformation and low-caliber forms of entertainment thrive. People, including myself, seem to waste away before these terribly consuming forms of “entertainment.”

The reason so many people seem to resort to technology is because it has become so convenient that even considering picking up a book or even a newspaper seems like such a chore that we just pass it up. Technology, while useful at times, has still become the foremost enabler of our lives.

What I suggest people do is to give books and newspapers another chance and find out again why this form of entertainment and knowledge acquirement was once so important to us. Escape from your worldly worries and read a book or try reading a newspaper more often. You might be surprised by how satisfying it is to pick up something physical, read through it, and be able to set it down again knowing you just read something you can love and trust.

There is no substitute for holding a book in your hands. Instead of doing it only for classes or when you must, see how reading for fun treats you. If you’re not sure where to find a good book to read, go to our very own Coe Library here at UW. They have a section completely dedicated to entertaining reads that is worth checking out without a doubt. Do yourself a favor and go pick up one of our forgotten, papery friends.


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