Electrostatically Doped DSL Schottky Barrier MOSFET on SOI for Low Power Applications

In this paper, we propose and simulate a novel Schottky barrier MOSFET (SB-MOSFET) with improved performance in comparison to the conventional SB-MOSFET. The proposed device employs charge plasma/electrostatic doping-based dopant segregation layers (DSLs) by using metal extensions (Hafnium) at the source and drain top and bottom edges. The metal hafnium induces charge plasma and hence realizes DSLs adjacent to source and drain regions. These charge plasma DSLs reduce the tunneling width and hence enhances the performance of the proposed device. The proposed electrostatically doped DSL-based SB-MOSFET has all the advantages of the conventional SB-MOSFET and it outperforms the state of the art doped DSL-based MOSFET. A two-dimensional calibrated simulation study has shown that the ON current $(I_{mathrm{ ON}})$ , $I_{mathrm{ ON}}/I_{mathrm{ OFF}}$ ratio, subthreshold-swing and cutoff frequency $(f_{T})$ of the proposed device have been increased by ~420 times, ~1000 times, 14.5%, and 290 times in comparison to conventional SB-MOSFET, respectively. The transient analyses have shown that a reduction by 16 times in ON delay and 6 times in OFF delay in the proposed device-based inerter in comparison to the conventional SB-MOSFET-based inverter.


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