Esports: Dota 2 team competes in Collegiate Star League

“Defenders of the Ancients 2” or more commonly known as “Dota 2” is a game called a MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena. It is developed and run by Valve.

In “Dota 2,” two teams of five members battle against each other, defending their teams base while trying to de­stroy the other teams base. Each player chooses between over a hundred heroes that each have various abilities and skills that makes each one unique and enables them to be more effective in certain roles and scenarios.

The map is divided into three lanes in between two bases. Heroes, based on their abilities, can be played in cer­tain lanes that maximize their potential in the game.

Heroes level up in game and each player builds their hero throughout the match in order to out fight the other team and eventually destroy their base.

“Dota 2” is one of the highest re­garded games in esports and millions watch every year in national tournaments and matches.

Here at Arkansas Tech, the esports club participates in their own tournaments and ladders, competing amongst many other universities.

With the forming of the “Dota 2” team, they have be­gun to participate in the Colle­giate Star League, a league de­signed for college students to play and represent their school and compete against other uni­versities. They will play each weekend against another team from another university over the fall semester.

You can view matches streamed by the esports club at If you are interested in joining the esports club, join the discord at­Vdp


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