Football player goes to court over sexual advancement

On Oct. 26, 2018 a Wyoming football player by the name Youhanna Ghaifan was suspended from the football team and then was later let go from the team. Fort Collins police said that he tried to force himself on an employee at the hotel the team was staying at the evening prior to the Wyoming vs. Colorado State University football game.

Ghaifan was a junior at the University of Wyoming and played defensive tackle. He was charged with two misdemeanors: one of them was for harassment involving a strike along with one charge of false imprisonment.

The incident is believed to be that Ghaifan walked into the room that the housekeeping was cleaning. He closed the door behind him and then approached the woman, asking if she would “like to have some fun”. The girl said no but Ghaifan continued to approach her. He then pinned her to the wall and tried to kiss her.

She was able to get him off of her and then he tried to keep kissing her. She convinced him to leave the room, saying she would come see him in a little bit because she had a break. After Ghaifan left the room she called the police and gave them a description of Ghaifan. Police used that to identify him when they arrived later at the scene.

Ghaifan did not talk to police when they showed up, instead requesting a lawyer. When Ghaifan’s coach and staff found out about the incident they sent Ghaifan back to Laramie. He was unable to play in the CSU game and he was later suspended indefinitely from the football team.

Currently Ghaifan has not been arrested. He has a court date on Dec. 12 for a disposition to determine his plea of guilty or not guilty. If he pleads guilty sentencing will take place at a later date. He is still attending classes on campus and is on track to graduate later this month.


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