Fran McCaffery responds to Dolphin comments

Iowa men’s basketball head coach Fran McCaffery spoke to the media for the first time Thursday about the comments made by Hawkeye basketball play-by-play announcer Gary Dolphin during Iowa’s game against Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

Dolphin, who made comments slighting Iowa’s Maishe Dailey and recruiting, has since been suspended for two games by Learfield.

“I was disappointed in those comments,” McCaffery said. “I think when one of our own attacks one of our players the way he did, it’s inexcusable. And it’s over. We dealt with it, and we’re moving on.”

McCaffery said he thinks it’s “fairly well known” he and Dolphin have had issues in the past. The ninth-year Hawkeye coach also said he talked to the team and Dailey specifically about the comments.

“It was incredibly unfair; [Dailey] has played extremely well for us,” McCaffery said. “He plays hard. He’s a good person. He didn’t deserve it. But he’s also a young guy with tremendous character. So I’ve been really impressed with him and how he’s handled everything.”

Iowa will be back in action Friday when it takes on Wisconsin in Carver-Hawkeye at 7 p.m.


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