Green tech on the come up

2018 MacBook Air

        The 2018 MacBook Air is the first Mac to be made with 100 percent recycled aluminum. On top of that this Mac has 47 percent lower carbon emissions compared with the previous generation Macs. This makes the 2018 MacBook Air the most environmentally cautious MacBook yet. The Mac comes with up to 12 hour battery life, meaning less charging which results in less energy being used throughout the work day. The extended battery life also makes the new MacBook one of the most convenient Macs yet due to not having to tote chargers and battery savers. On top of the environmentally cautious improvements the new Mac also includes various improved features. These new features include a 13.3” high resolution retina display, touch ID, an improved keyboard to help with typing in low-light environments and improved speakers. The 2018 MacBook Air is available for purchase now. The 2018 MacBook comes in the colors of silver, gold, and space gray.

House of Marley Chant Mini

        The lesser known brand House of Marley has been designing speakers with the environment in mind for some time now. Their latest Bluetooth speaker, the Chant Mini, incorporates recycled material similar to the company’s other speakers. The Chant Mini uses REWIND fabric which consists of 30 percent hemp, 30 percent organic cotton, and 40 percent recycled plastic bottles. The Chant Mini is also constructed with blended bio plastic, recyclable aluminum and a bamboo trim ring all which are beneficial to the environment. The Chant Mini uses materials that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill. The Chant Mini is small at only 14 x 10.8cm and is shaped in a bongo design making it extremely portable. The Chant Mini is Bluetooth-equipped and also comes equipped with an Aux-in port and a battery life lasting up to 10 hours. The Chant Mini is currently priced at $49.99 at Best Buy and only $43.99 on Amazon.

Sunflare Modules  

        The Los Angelesbased startup group Sunflare has become the first company to successfully mass produce light, flexible, thin CIGS solar panels. These flexible, durable solar panels can travel with anyone anywhere and can easily become a part of commercial roof structures. With Sunflare there is no need for rebuilding or mounting large solar panels onto a structure. Sunflare’s solar panels can stick right onto virtually any surface. According to Sunflare designers, the new technology can stick to just about any surface including curves or on top of buildings. Sunflare’s panels can be integrated into buildings and built in to anything mobile. The Sunflare modules are better for the environment and more convenient due to the fact that they do not require high energy and consumption processes such as the purification of silicon, the distribution of glass, or a mount. The Sunflare is extremely thin being only a few micrometers thick. The Sunflare group is hoping to become more popular by making mobile solar panels a more common aspect of everyday life across the world. The motto at Sunflare is, “Anything built under the sun should be powered by the sun.”

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