A great hello to all Pittsburg State students, staff, and faculty as well as all community and alumni members! My name is Brianna Morie Price, currently a junior in standing, and I am seeking a degree in communication with an emphasis in multimedia journalism. I also am seeking minors in both creative writing and psychology. I have worked as part of the Collegio staff since the beginning of my freshman year and have gained an enormous amount of hands-on experience through my involvement. I am extremely excited to take on the role of Editorin-Chief and lead the Collegio staff in providing the unbiased truth and news pertinent to campus and community life. I am also honored to take this position, as the Collegio was a large reason I chose to attend PSU. I hope to use this experience to grow my knowledge and involvement in the journalism field, as well as stand as an outlet in representing Pittsburg State University. I have a dedicated commitment to my position as Editorin-Chief and to work side-by-side with my fellow staff members to produce the best and most efficient newspaper possible.


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