Holiday excitement and cuffing season

Every year hordes of people look forward to the holiday season. Radio stations start playing those songs that only come on once a year. There’s so much to look forward to as the year comes to a close. For some though, it’s cuffing season.

This colloquial term refers to the large number of couples who get together or get engaged during this season. Media posts of dazzling engagement rings, surprised faces and new fiancés crowd feeds during this time of year. I’ve seen posts from several friends already who are sporting new rocks on their ring fingers.

Of course we try to be happy for those people who’ve found the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. But does calling it cuffing season either seriously or sarcastically cast a pall on winter engagements?

Clearly engagements should be a happy occasion. Two people are hopefully choosing to do this and not feeling pressured by society, parents or any other external forces. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder though if this is the real deal or two people wanting to just move onto the next phase of life. People may idealize getting engaged and getting married, making them see the holidays as a time to lock someone, anyone, down for a happily ever after.

Then of course you have people on the opposite end of the spectrum saying that finding a partner during the holidays is simply a way to get nosy parents and relatives off your back. There are people who tend to shy away from the holidays for any number of reasons, but could include happy couples celebrating. If cliché films have told us anything it’s that nobody can be happy until they’ve fallen in love. This can be a ridiculous notion. People can be content and happy in any number of ways without it all hinging on another human being.

Another reason that some people site for choosing to look for partner during this time of year is the colder weather. While having someone to share body heat with can be nice in freezing weather, it shouldn’t be the sole motivation for seeking a significant other.

The point of getting engaged or choosing a partner shouldn’t be because temperatures have dipped or certain holidays are just around the corner. The end goal for any of these decisions is to be happy. Within reason, if something makes you happy you should work towards it.

So if you can be supportive of the people choosing to pursue their happiness during the holidays and take some time to reflect on finding what makes you happy this season.


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