Housing and Residential Engagement unveils plans for CSUF housing expansion

Cal State Fullerton’s Housing and Residential Engagement is currently in the process of creating a proposal that would seek to renovate the current housing community, said Larry Martin, director of Housing and Residential Engagement, at Tuesday’s Associated Students board of directors meeting.

CSUF houses about 2,000 students in its dorms and apartments. The campus currently offers three types of housing: residence halls, single apartments and double apartments.

The goal is to create a suite-style community that has three different types of housing. Ideally, freshman would live in the residence halls, sophomores and juniors live in the suites and seniors or juniors could live in the single apartments, Martin said.

“Hopefully it creates a variety of experiences for people,” Martin said.

Plans still need to be worked out with the administration and finance office as well as with construction and management. They expect to know by the spring semester whether or not these plans will be carried out and are hoping to start the project in summer.

Connecting students with resident advisers, student leaders, staff and faculty is another important part of the campus community, Martin said. Housing and Residential Engagement hope that students will grow and become better at networking after their time living in campus housing.

Obviously learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom, so that’s first and foremost our goal for the students,” Martin said. I tell students, ‘I really hope you are different at the end of the year.’”

Ninety percent of student residents reported that living on campus helped their academic success and 93 percent of residents felt that housing provides a safe and open community, according to the Housing and Residential Engagement website.

“For us, safety is paramount,” Martin said about the housing community. “But also that it’s an inclusive environment, where folks feel like they can explore identities.”

Housing and Residential Engagement is also raising money for Project SAFE, a new program that provides emergency support for students experiencing food, housing and financial insecurities.

The program began with only four beds but with an increase in needs, a double apartment was added. There are now ten beds available to students who need them throughout the academic year.

These beds can be accessed through the Dean of Students office. Students can stay in these apartments for up to two weeks, giving them time to make other plans.

Project SAFE partners with the Gastronome, allowing residents to be able to donate one of their guest meals. Aramark then matches those meals so the program has hundreds of meals available to students who need it, Martin said.

“Students pay a lot of money to live on campus, and they invest a lot of resources to live here at CSUF. It’s important to us that students feel like they get good service for the investment that they make and that it’s a good experience for them,” Martin said.

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