Humans of Embry-Riddle

Samy Fooda/Staff Reporter

“When I first arrived at Riddle in 2011, I didn’t have any attachment to any aviation-based material; I came from a high school known for the movie Remember the Titans. Starting out as a student here, I felt the need to be engaging with other students, and even though I’m an introvert, I was very involved my freshman year. A few of the organizations I was involved in when I started was Emerging Leaders, first-year initiative and Taskforce 1 (An extension of the Student Government Association for freshman students). Participating in those organizations helped me to gain a better understanding of marketing on campus. The only experience I had with marketing was a class I took my senior year of high school that taught me Adobe Photoshop. Of course, being the average college student, I didn’t have access to Adobe Photoshop. I had to make fliers from Microsoft Word and believe me, if you looked at those fliers, you’d be surprised that they were made on Microsoft Word. I think one of the most common things that college students have to experience is using the resources they have to make something out of nothing. Even though I had no experience in doing marketing, it was something I was passionate about and wanted to learn more. After freshman year, I couldn’t remember all the designs that I had made, but down the line, I felt that I had to take the initiative on marketing and making fliers for organizations around campus. I eventually became involved in the Student Representative Board as Chairperson of the Marketing Committee. During that point, working in the SGA, I realized that not everyone was interested in effective marketing. I felt that everything that I was a part of gave me a sense of duty to take charge and make a change so that the organizations on campus were effectively advertised. At the time when I was working a lot on campus, I had one conversation that sparked my passion for digital signage. Now, I currently advise the Student Union Media group who takes on design requests from student organizations and manages digital signage on campus. As well as manage the digital signage and kiosks in the Student Union. No matter where you start from, as long as you’re passionate, you can put your mind to it and succeed.” 

(The Wright Flyer, ERAU)


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