Hyperband: A Novel Bandit-Based Approach to Hyperparameter Optimization; Lisha Li, Kevin Jamieson, Giulia DeSalvo, Afshin Rostamizadeh, Ameet Talwalkar

Performance of machine learning algorithms depends critically on
identifying a good set of hyperparameters. While recent
approaches use Bayesian optimization to adaptively select
configurations, we focus on speeding up random search through
adaptive resource allocation and early-stopping. We formulate
hyperparameter optimization as a pure-exploration non-stochastic
infinite-armed bandit problem where a predefined resource like
iterations, data samples, or features is allocated to randomly
sampled configurations. We introduce a novel algorithm, øuralg ,
for this framework and analyze its theoretical properties,
providing several desirable guarantees. Furthermore, we compare
øuralg with popular Bayesian optimization methods on a suite of
hyperparameter optimization problems. We observe that øuralg can
provide over an order-of-magnitude speedup over our competitor
set on a variety of deep-learning and kernel-based learning


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