Intruder stopped by officers for lurking back onto campus

Police were called to the Communications/Music Complex in the afternoon on Nov. 6 after a man who has been repeatedly banned from the university showed up on campus.

According to university police, the man, who they identified as Robert Neville, has been banned from both the Broadway campus and main campus on two different occasions by LUPD. They said he had been issued a written warning that coming back to campus would result in criminal trespassing.

According to university police, when they showed up, Neville complained about having chest pains, and an ambulance was called. He was then taken to the hospital, and later released with a summons to court for a criminal trespassing violation.

Though they didn’t give any details, university police did say that Neville had been previously banned for “being a nuisance”, and it had been several weeks since they had last asked him to leave campus.

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