Letter to the editor: Vote for Caroline Troy

By Clayton King, ASUI 

It’s no surprise, but the ASUI “Medical Amnesty” bill passed by the Idaho Legislature in 2016 is saving lives! This legislation is also known as the “Good Samaritan Law” and provides limited immunity from the crimes of “Minor in Consumption or Possession” of alcohol for someone who needs emergency medical help or seeks it for a friend.

In order to receive the immunity, they must remain on the scene and cooperate with EMS and law enforcement. According to numbers released by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare this spring, 9-1-1 calls requesting an under-21 patient be transported to a hospital with indications of excessive alcohol use are up 9.5 percent over 2015.

As the Lobbyist for the ASUI, I worked closely with Representative Caroline Nilsson Troy to ensure the bill goes into effect permanently by taking the “Sunset Clause” off. Representative Troy carried the initial bill for the ASUI in 2016 and gladly sponsored it again in 2018. She has been a champion for students ever since she was elected to serve as our representative. She’s a solid Vandal supporter, an alumni and former staff member here. She understands and supports the efforts of ASUI and the students at the University of Idaho.

Join me in sending her back to Boise, so that she may continue to make Higher Education and all of Idaho a better place to live and learn! Go Vandals!

By Clayton King, ASUI 


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