Library starts new podcast this semester

The Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center at the Arkansas Tech University campus plans to start a podcast that will feature a variety of different topics. The podcast will be informational and primarily targeted to the Tech community.

These podcast will be hosted most­ly by Luke Heffley, special projects coordinator for the library with occa­sional guests.

According to the podcast, they may be done as a team or individually. Lowell Lyabarger, music/multimedia librarian, will also be assisting behind the scenes with the podcast.

According to Luke Heffley, the li­brary wanted to start a podcast in or­der to inform students and staff about the different resources the library pro­vides on a daily basis.

The library also hopes to bring in special guests from the community to talk about cultural events going on. The staff would also like to conduct interviews and provide information about upcoming events and opportu­nities on campus.

“According to the May 2018 edi­tion of ‘Library Journal,’ podcasting for libraries is booming,” Heffley said. He additionally said that this will be a good addition to Tech’s current social media accounts.

Heffley also said he believes this will have a positive effect on campus for the Tech community as a whole and even the Russellville community.

“This will effect campus by giving the students, faculty and staff an out­let to learn more about not only the library and it vast resources, but the multitude of diversity programs and speakers that we have at the library” Heffley said.

There will be a podcast on a month­ly basis, but the podcasts will drop more often if programming will allow. Heffley plans on each episode being 30 minutes in length in order to provide enough information without overload­ing.

Students, faculty and staff will be able to find the podcast on the li­brary website ( and on SoundCloud. The first episode was re­leased the third week in October.


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