Local Storage-Based Consolidation With Resource Demand Prediction and Live Migration in Clouds

Server consolidation is a useful solution aiming at cost-efficiency and high resource utilization of data centers and clusters. Nowadays, as the data-intensive and I/O intensive applications are widely used, more attention is paid to the local storage-based clouds which can offer much better I/O performance at relatively low price compared with the shared storage. However, it will obviously increase the migration cost (e.g., energy and time). Meanwhile, there is few suitable resource demand estimation method for local storage-based clouds at present, which plays an important role in system’s migration efficiency. And we find out that in this specific storage architecture, almost all the existing server consolidation algorithms do not have a suitable resource demand estimation method and a live migration scheme. To solve this problems, this paper designs and implements Combining Three (C3), a cloud architecture for local storage, C3 significant modules: prediction, consolidation, and migration. It was proved in statistical analysis that ARIMA may be the most suitable prediction model for the server workload, which motivates us to propose the resource estimation predictor. Also, we improve the existing consolidation method by adjusting the sorting index and fit degree during migration. Then, we propose a live migration scheme for local storage environment as the third module of C3. We conduct extensive experiments using real-world traces from Google to validate the effectiveness and superiority of our proposed algorithm.


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