Midterm election guide 2018

Governor Race

Paulette Jordan (D)

Paulette Jordan | Courtesy

1. What are your policy platforms?

Pretty simple, really. I want to make sure that if Proposition 2-Medicaid Expansion passes, we get those 62,000 Idahoans without any health insurance the care they need. The money we’d get back from our state’s match ­— we’d pay in roughly $40 million and get $400 million back — would lessen some of the strain on the state’s catastrophic Health Care Program and county Indigent funds. A lot of our rural counties are hurting and we can do better for them. This would be a start.

I’m also the pro-family candidate, which means I want to fully fund our public education system and allow local communities the option of deciding where they want to set their minimum wage. I’d also like to raise the state minimum wage. I call myself the pro-family candidate because I will work to address housing cost burden so hard-working Idahoan parents can provide for their families, and I’ll fight to make sure our education is no longer languishing near the bottom of almost every measure.

I will always defend the sacredness of the people’s lands. Idaho is full of wild, beautiful places with pristine water and beautiful landscapes that are unique. I will make sure these lands are protected for future generations.

2. What sets you apart as a candidate?

I always fight for the rights of Idahoans above corporate interests. The voices of my fellow Idahoans are my primary guide. I’m loyal to Idaho and our future generations and will avoid short-term or outdated thinking, and instead continually pursue prudent investments to better our children’s and their children’s futures.

3. What do you think young people, specifically college-aged students, should be most worried about?

Climate change, wages, jobs, the lack of affordable healthcare. These issues affect us all now and will be especially defining for young people. Reaching young voters is vital to the future of the state and the country; I respect everyone’s voice. People must start voting at 18, make it a habit and be informed in order to have and use that voice.

4. If you could only send one message to prospective voters, what would it be?

You are needed.

Brad Little (R)

Brad Little | Courtesy

1. What are your policy platforms?

Education, affordable health care, and good-paying jobs. Every day, a governor makes decisions that affect all our lives, now and into the future. I will make all decisions through the lens of making sure our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to remain in Idaho or to return home. They want quality educational opportunities, affordable health care and employment options that provide for a good quality of life, while comfortably planning for retirement. 

2. What sets you apart as a candidate?

Idaho is a diverse state and a governor must instinctively understand Idaho to effectively make successful decisions. Being governor also requires relationships across the state and in the Legislature to implement your vision and be an effective leader.

My background in working and leading in agriculture, small business, philanthropy, and state government has prepared me for the challenge of being your governor. I have a track record of bringing stakeholders together to get things done.    

3. What do you think young people, specifically college-aged students, should be most worried about?

College-aged students nearing graduation will be headed into the workforce and they are most often concerned about paying off their student loans, getting jobs in the field they’ve studied and get a starting wage that will continue to grow as they gain experience and advance in the workplace. Idaho graduates, or those wanting to come home after going to school in another state, should know that Idaho is the envy of the nation. Idaho has record employment, the fastest job and income growth, and the lowest state debt per citizen. We must build on this momentum to ensure no Idaho community is left behind and that our most recent graduates are able to return to their hometowns and find good, quality employment.  As governor, I will continue to grow job opportunities, raise incomes, deliver affordable health care and build an education system that allows our children to thrive.

4. If you could only send one message to prospective voters, what would it be?

As your governor, I will address the rising cost of health care and lower its financial burden on Idahoans. The best solution on health care must be an Idaho solution that tackles skyrocketing health care costs. We must invest taxpayer dollars wisely, carefully and sustainably. Our state government must be nimble, flexible and responsive. It means leveraging our ability to move at the speed of business while remaining on the cutting edge of public policy.  I will lead a state government that enables the free market to bring jobs and prosperity to our state, eliminating burdensome taxes and regulations that stifle economic and job growth. As your governor, I will tackle challenges on issues like education, infrastructure and cybersecurity. We must step up our efforts to build a more skilled workforce, reward innovation in achieving our goals and hold government accountable. I will ensure Idaho remains the best place to live, work and raise a family.


Idaho State Senate, District 5

David Nelson

David Nelson | Courtesy

1. What are your policy platforms?

I believe that when government is done well, we are working together to solve problems.  Our government needs experienced people who are thoughtful, who understand how hard people work and who want to help them get ahead.  I know how to do this.

As senator, I will support investment in education.  It is the best thing we can do for the future of our children, but it also leads to a more prosperous economy and gives incoming workers the skills they need to take on a changing world.  I believe that all citizens deserve access to quality healthcare, and that we need to find collaborative processes that helps us manage and maintain access to our public lands for conservation, recreation and production.

2. What sets you apart as a candidate?

What sets me apart is my commitment to civil and honest government.  As an elected official, you represent all your constituents, not just those that agree with you. I believe in listening to everyone and all side of the issue, no matter how their beliefs compare with my own, and considering everyone when making decisions.  We need more collaboration in our government to help us get things done.


Dan Foreman

Dan Foreman | Courtesy

1.  What are your policy platforms?

My platform is based on three seminal planks, the first of which is to continue my efforts in support of the Pro-Life Initiative in Idaho.  We lose approximately 1,400 unborn innocent babies each year in our great state via abortions.  This abomination is unnecessary, wasteful, costly in terms of human suffering and financial burden and must be stopped.  Our state and our people are better than this.

My second plank involves my efforts to stop wasteful spending and unnecessary growth in state government.  The natural tendency of government is to grow itself and spend tax dollars in the process.  I have the determination and guts to be a watchdog and vote no on wasteful legislation and government expansion.

My third plank embraces my effort to reform state welfare programs to make them effective and sustainable.

2.  What sets you apart as a candidate?

I am not a politician.  A politician says one thing and often does another.  I am a statesman.  I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.  I am a Christian, conservative republican with the guts, brains and ability to continue to function as a watchdog for the people against excessive government spending, unnecessary growth and unwarranted interference in their lives.  I have 44 years of experience as an executive level public servant, including 30 years experience as a senior Air Force officer, aviator and combat veteran.  I will stand for the people while others play politics and seek votes.


Idaho State House, District 5

Laurene Sorensen

Laurene Sorensen | Courtesy

1. What are your policy platforms?

First, making healthcare affordable for every Idahoan. I support Proposition 2, which will expand Medicaid to 60,000 Idahoans. If I am elected, and Prop 2 passes, I commit to work toward its successful implementation. This is a win-win because we have already paid for Medicaid with our Federal taxes. Let’s bring our money back to Idaho. Second, adequately funding education, from early childhood through university. University is a treasure—and the key economic force in Latah County. Let’s give it the funding it merits, so we can keep providing excellence in research and teaching. Third, improving our economy and our quality of life through better jobs and better wages. Fourth, keeping public lands accessible for hunting, fishing, recreation, and other uses.  

2. What sets you apart as a candidate?

My law background. This includes helping states and cities find affordableways to fund roads, universities, hospitals and affordable housing. I’ve owned and operated a business for 20 years, and know the challenges of doing business in the Amazon era. I have helped many people put their entrepreneurial vision into reality. Every day, I hear about how the law helps or hinders my clients. I will not vote for legislation that is vague or will lead to constitutional challenges.

I currently serve my community on the board of the Moscow Food Co-op, as well as the Moscow Board of Adjustment, and as a volunteer mediator at District Court.

The job of a legislator is ultimately about listening to people. The most critical part of my preparation is knowing the issues my neighbors struggle.


Bill Goesling

Bill Goesling | Courtesy

1. What are your policy platforms?

I believe the challenges that our state, you and I face fall into three categories. First, healthcare with its rising costs and lack of availability in our rural communities. A heathy economy can only be achieved with a healthy workforce. Second, expanding and appropriately funding educational opportunities at all levels including career technical training. And third, infrastructures; that is, rebuilding our state’s roads and bridges to insure our agriculture and forest industries can deliver their products to their markets. And most importantly, building a quality broadband statewide system with which to attract new businesses with living wage jobs and revenues to both our rural and urban communities.

2. What sets you apart as a candidate?

Experience counts. I bring to this campaign a unique blend of education, knowledge and life experiences. As a naval officer and aviator, I received numerous awards for organizational leadership and airmanship, as a financial consultant I built a client base of over 450 clients who entrusted me with $50 million of their hard-earned assets and with a PhD in education from the University of Idaho, I am well aware of the challenges our K-20 schools face from third grade reading requirements, to high school graduation rates, to go-on rates, to the lack of career technical opportunities, to teacher and faculty compensation the lack of appropriate state funding.


Caroline Nilsson Troy

Caroline Nilsson Troy | Courtesy

1. What are your policy platforms?

I believe in supporting education, from kindergarten through advanced college degrees. I especially focus on rural schools, so students have a rigorous educational experience from talented teachers so they can graduate and be prepared to go on to success. I believe in supporting the University of Idaho’s land-grant mission of research, teaching and extension. I believe in improving our highways, infrastructure, access to broadband and reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens so that farmers and farm, loggers can log and small businesses can flourish. I believe in finding common-sense solutions to issues facing our region. I’m dedicated to eliminating suicides in Idaho.

2. What sets you apart as a candidate?

My passion for doing what is right, not what is easy, combined with my experience as a farmer, rancher and small business owner makes me an effective voice for our district. Since my election in 2014, I’ve focused on growing the rural economy by supporting education and improved infrastructure, supporting job creation and reducing regulatory and tax burdens on families and small business. I lead the effort to adopt a state-wide comprehensive plan to eliminate suicides. I championed the #MeToo movement for the Idaho Legislature and co-chaired the “Respectful Workplace” task force. I believe in the university’s land-grant mission of teaching, research and extension.  I serve on advisory boards for the Agriculture and Life Sciences, Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, University of Idaho Extension, and the McClure Center.


Margie Gannon

Margie Gannon | Courtesy

1. What are your policy platforms?

My platform includes “Yes” on Prop 2. Also working on school funding to help homeowners and also funding all-day kindergarten. Finding ways to help college students with mounting debt. Working on bills that move toward improving Idaho infrastructure including roads and bridges.

2. What sets you apart as a candidate? 

What sets me apart is that I live in Benewah County and can bring both counties together to

make a strong district 5. I also have spent 16 years on the school board as well as 2 years on city council. I also am currently doing the job as a legislator.



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