Mild, rainy weekend ahead

Tonight: Overnight tonight we will be seeing temperatures only get down to the low 40s for the overnight low. Slight winds out of the East will be present as well. We are expecting showers moving through the area, mainly after midnight tonight.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow we will be seeing mild temperatures compared to this previous week. We will have a high into the mid-50s, with prevailing rain showers throughout the day, with a chance of a thunderstorm in there as well.

7-Day: Enjoy the warm temperatures this weekend while they last! They will not be lasting long. We see the storm system move in through the weekend, bringing lots of rain and a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. Then we will have mostly sunny skies on Sunday to finish off the weekend. Then the cold temperatures return, along with the chance for wintry precipitation early next week.

–NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecaster Jordan Wolfe

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