Modeling and Analysis of the 1-Wire Communication Protocol Using Timed Colored Petri Nets

The widespread use of sensor networks has enabled the deployment of a wide variety of services. In order to reduce maintenance costs without jeopardizing the reliability of the services, developers and researchers are exploring ways to reduce the complexity of the protocols and their underlying hardware infrastructure. However, the verification and evaluation of novel solutions must also be taken as a key design parameter in the development of reliable and cost-effective solutions. In this paper, we develop a timed colored Petri net (TCPN) model of the 1-wire protocol, which is one of the most popular and simplest protocols currently used in the implementation of sensor platforms. The use of TCPNs is justified by the fact that they provide us with the means to evaluate the qualitative and quantitative properties of the protocol. Our results include the analysis of the absence of deadlocks as well as the quantitative evaluation of the protocol. Our numerical results are also confirmed by using an event-driven simulator.


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