Muncie community “lights up” downtown

As the crowd cheered “magic” over and over again, the twinkling lights of the tall Christmas tree began to dance. Small children looked up in wonder as they gazed upon the multicolor light show.

At 5 p.m. Thursday people began to wander downtown Muncie as Christmas music played. By 6 p.m., Canaan Commons was filled as families crowded together to view the holiday show.

Before the event, the Muncie Community School Choir performed along with Ball State University’s Code Red, each bringing their own version of cheer to the stage.

Beth Roberts and her family attended the light show for the first time this year, including two-year-old Jeff Roberts.

“We loved it. Did you like it Jeff?” Beth Roberts said.

In turn, the two year old said, “Turn on,” which Roberts translated as he liked it.

Special visits were also made by Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler and Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns.

“Just to see all the children down here together enjoying the kickoff to downtown enjoying the Christmas holiday season,” Tyler said. “Looking at the kids eyes and see that tree lighting up says everything so special about Muncie.”

Beyond the tree lighting ceremony, the Muncie Makers Mart was open in a heated tent and free vegan hot chocolate was provided. A small train was also available for small children to take “joy rides” across Canaan Commons.

Tyler said he enjoyed the event and was happy so many families could attend.

“It really warms your heart, and that’s what Christmas is all about,” Tyler said.

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