Netflix releases ‘The Princess Switch’

Netflix has just released another Christmas movie. This time we get “The Parent Trap” mixed with Hallmark, and critics are loving it.

The film stars Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar and Vanessa Hudgens who plays dual roles as a baker and a duchess.

Stacey (Hudgens), a baker from Chicago going through a terrible breakup is invited to participate in a cooking competition along side her best friend and business partner (Sagar). Upon arriving she meets Margaret (Hudgens), who looks exactly like her. The pair devise a plan to switch places and end up finding love.

The film, which was released this past Friday, has gotten mixed reviews from critics on some sites and rave reviews on others.

On Rotten Tomato, the film has a 57 percent from audiences, and a 6.3 out of 10 stars on IMDb. However, by standards of Google, it has a 97 percent rating.

Reviewers like Cosmopolitan writer Emily Tannenbaum have given the film two thumbs up.

“First things first, ‘The Princess Switch’ is a delight,” said Tannenbaum. “If you told me last year that I would thoroughly enjoy – nay, crave – another ‘Parent Trap’like movie but starring Vanessa Hudgens as both an austere Duchess of some vaguely British-ish country and an uptight know-it-all from Chicago (who bakes!), I would have told you exactly what to do with your Christmas pastries. Boy, what a difference 2018 made.”

Similar to Tannenbaum, Vox writer Constance Grady gives the film a stamp of holiday approval.

“It is the kind of joyously nonsensical absurdity that snow day dreams are made of,” Grady writes. “It begs to be watched out of the corner of one eye while you wrap a couple of presents and then gently doze off a sugar high. Nothing ever happens in this Princess and the Pauper story that will require your full attention – but it is all so satisfyingly formulaic, so gleefully saccharine, that you’ll be happy just to have it on in the background.”

While the film in true traditional style is not an in depth film, reviewers agree that it is a great feel good movie to get you in the Christmas mood.

The film also appeals to the 2017 “A Christmas Prince” film fans as it hints about the sequel being released by Netflix later this month.

“The Princess Switch” is now streaming on Netflix.


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