New basketball assistant coach: Deborah Newkirk

With the upcoming basketball season at Winthrop University, a new hire could bring a sense of team building with a dash of professional experience to the Winthrop Women’s Basketball team.

According to Winthrop Athletics, the Winthrop Women’s Basketball team recently announced the hiring of assistant coach Deborah Newkirk on Oct. 10th. Newkirk has prior experience as the head Women’s Basketball coach at the Episcopal School of Dallas and the University of Kansas. Her coaching career started in 1988 as she coached in various high schools before coming to the Episcopal School of Dallas.

In addition to that, Newkirk has worked in various high school positions and as a facilitator at University of Texas, University of Virginia and Southern Methodist University. Newkirk is eager to apply her experience to benefit the Winthrop Women’s Basketball team.

“I’m excited to help guide, teach and motivate the players and work alongside a highly professional, positive and hard-working staff,” said Newkirk.

Newkirk is a native from Kansas. Newkirk earned her bachelor’s degree in physical education from Pittsburg State University in 1986 and earned her master’s degree in physical education from Pittsburg State two years later.

Winthrop Women’s Basketball coach Lynette Woodard is excited to see how Newkirk’s previous experience would affect the team this coming season.

“Coach Newkirk’s experience and knowledge in coaching and teaching the game of basketball will help guide our young team this season,” Woodard said.

One unique fact about assistant coach Newkirk is that she is the business owner of Coach ‘Em Up, which specializes in coaching volleyball and basketball athletes for the past ten years within the Austin, Texas area.

Both Newkirk and Woodard are planning to apply both their previous experiences and skills for the Women’s Basketball team. Some of the training will be focused on both practice and personal lives for athletes this season.

“Under the leadership of coach Woodard, this will be a journey of excellence on and off the court,” said Newkirk.

Woodard is impressed by Newkirk’s prior experience as a coach and business owner, which will help not only train the women basketball team hard this season, but it will also create a sense of inclusion and camaraderie between athletes.

“Her enthusiasm and passion is second to none and she will bring a spirit of cohesiveness and commitment that compliments the culture we are building,” Woodard said.

With the new hire, Winthrop’s newest assistant coach might make a good impression in the upcoming basketball season this winter with her prior experience and enthusiasm.

“It’s great to be a Winthrop Eagle,” Newkirk said.  

The first Winthrop Women’s Basketball game this season will be an exhibition match against Livingstone on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 at the Winthrop Coliseum. The Winthrop Men’s Basketball team will have their first game against Vanderbilt in an away game on Nov. 6 in Nashville, Tennessee. Season tickets for both the Winthrop Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams are available now for purchase.

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