New members and new ordinances for Camp Fire victims at city council

A fresh set of city council members were sworn in on Tuesday.

After a recognition of the outgoing council members, Kasey Reynolds, Scott Huber and Alex Brown took their seats as Chico’s newest council members.


Scott Huber asks a speaker a clarifying question during his first city council meeting. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Kasey Reynolds.jpg

Kasey Reynolds listens to her fellow city council members discuss an agenda topic. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Soon after, Randall Stone was voted to be the new mayor of Chico.

Randall Stone.jpg

Randall Stone became Chico's mayor Tuesday night when five of his fellow city council members voted for him. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Then Alex Brown as vice mayor.

Alex Brown.jpg

Vice Mayor Alex Brown listens to one of her fellow city council members. Photo credit: Alex Grant

With the new local government established, no time was wasted in getting to the next items on the agenda to discuss and vote on.

The topics of the night were an emergency ordinance for temporary housing and reducing alternative dwelling unit (ADU) development fees to encourage developers to build more housing.

The council voted unanimously to provide temporary housing for Camp Fire victim and reduce the ADU fees by 50 percent. Some council members still would like further discussion on lowering the fees further.

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