No injuries in car crash into Regional and Report news office

By Staff Reports

A vehicle crashed into the Southwest Regional Publishing Co. offices this afternoon, causing substantial damage to the newsroom but resulting in no injuries.

The Toyota Highlander SUV plowed in reverse through two of the Regional’s 8×10 plate glass windows facing Harlem Avenue at approximately 3:45 p.m. Dec. 6, destroying a masonry support column and rendering that portion of the building unsafe for occupancy, per police and building department orders.

“The noise and the violence of the crash were astounding,” said Anthony Caciopo, editor of The Regional News. “It looked and sounded like an explosion.”

Palos Regional car crash
A view of the Regional News offices, 12243 S. Harlem Ave., Palos Heights, following a crash Dec. 6 in which an SUV plowed into the front of the building.
Regional News photo by Anthony Caciopo

Caciopo watched it happen no more than 10 feet in front of him as he worked at his desk at 12243 S. Harlem, Palos Heights. The impact tossed aside furniture, equipment and file cabinets. Panels in the ceiling collapsed, leaving a heavy light fixture dangling.

The car narrowly missed reporter Dermot Connolly, whose back was to the scene.

“I heard a smashing sound behind me and jumped up and ran across the room,” he said. “I couldn’t believe how close it came to where I was sitting.”

When the vehicle came to rest, its rear portion extended approximately five feet into the building, pointed upward at a slight angle.

Two other employees, one in an adjoining part of the building, said “It sounded like a bomb went off.”

According to police, the 72-year-old driver mistook the accelerator for the brake when leaving an angled parking space just north of the Regional building.

She had reportedly departed a neighboring hair salon, got into her vehicle and attempted to back out of the parking space while turning her wheels. That’s when she apparently hit the accelerator and the vehicle curved around in reverse before crashing into the building.

Palos Regional car crash
Interior view of the newsroom Dec. 6 at The Regional News and Reporter newspapers.
Regional News photo by Anthony Caciopo

The woman, whose name was not released, was attended to by personnel from the Palos Heights Fire Department and Police Department but declined treatment.

Hanging from the rearview mirror of her vehicle was a blue-and-white handicapped placard.

No citations have been issued, said Palos Heights Deputy Police Chief William Czajkowski, calling the situation a “pending investigation.”

“We will publish on time and on schedule,” said Mark Hornung, chief operating officer of Southwest Regional Publishing, which produces The Regional News and The Reporter from the Harlem Avenue office.

“What happened on Thursday is not a tragedy. Property was damaged but thankfully no one was hurt.

“You don’t need a stadium to play ball,” Hornung said. “We are here for our readers and advertisers,” he said.

While repairs are being made, a makeshift newsroom will operate in the advertising department. The finance department will temporarily move to our satellite office in Summit, 7676 W. 63rd St.

“And the publisher’s office will be done out of my car,” said Hornung.


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