Old Meets New at the Halloween Fashion Show

Keenan Thungtrakul/Senior Reporter

Wednesday night was Halloween. Apart from all the festivities going on around campus, the sisters of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority came together to put on an event for the community to enjoy while raising funds for their philanthropies. This year is the 11th year that the sorority has put on this event and is the signature event of this particular chapter of Tri-Sigma. Sierra Ausbrook, the coordinator of the show, said that the Halloween Fashion Show is the sorority’s biggest philanthropy event of the fall semester. It is a great way to bring together the Greek and general campus communities and raise money to support good causes. The show consisted of four main “walks,” where participants show off their costumes before a panel of judges who rate them based on several parameters. There were creative costumes, costumes that drew from popular entertainment media, costumes that took the audience back to the old days, and humorous costumes that drew laughs from the audience. The show was hosted by Ausbrook and fellow sister Morgan Scott. This year saw the return of Dustin Gibson and David Lim as MCs. This year also marks the first year the Halloween Fashion Show is held in the Student Union Event Center. 

In an interview with The Avion, Ausbrook mentions that Tri-Sigma supports three main charities. They are the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, the Robbie Page Memorial Fund, and the March of Dimes. The event was a success. Tri-Sigma originally wanted to raise $5000 for their philanthropies, and they surpassed their goal by $1000. None of the money is kept, it is donated to the charities that the sorority supports, among others. The funds raised are split among the participants. The winners of the Mr. and Mrs. Halloween contest are each given 15% of the total raised funds to support their respective organization’s philanthropies. The Greek organization with the highest attendance gets an additional 10% of the raised funds to support their charity. The winners this year are: 

Mr. Halloween: Peter Bergensen of FIJI – his winnings will go to the United Service Organizations 

Mrs. Halloween: Hailey Cline of Alpha Xi Delta – her winnings will go to Autism Speaks 

Highest Attendance: Sigma Chi – their winnings will go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute 

Ausbrook mentioned that out of the three foundations Tri-Sigma supports, one received the most attention. That charity is the March of Dimes. Tri-Sigma partnered with them two years ago. Originally founded to fund polio research, the March of Dimes now supports medical research aiming to reduce the number of premature births. 

When asked why Tri-Sigma included the Mr. and Mrs. Halloween contest in their show, Ausbrook says that the contest really helps with their fundraising efforts. The Greek community can help Tri-Sigma support their causes in a fun and competitive manner. Tri-Sigma founded two of the charities it supports. Both the Tri-Sigma Foundation and the Robbie Page Memorial Fund were set up to help fund research for a cure to polio. When a cure was discovered, the Robbie Page Memorial Fund switched gears to support play therapy for children with disabilities, and the Tri-Sigma Foundation now supports scholarships for sisters and provides travel stipends for leadership and professional conferences. 

Tri-Sigma focuses on instilling faith, hope, power, wisdom, and love in its sisters with the goal of empowering them to succeed both in college and in the workforce. Sisters learn to live by example and become conscious of everyday decisions, knowing that each one comes with consequences.


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