One on one: Who is the most entertaining team in the NBA?

Golden State Warriors

By: Matt Harrington

The Warriors are still stacked this season and with the acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins, they look like the NBA’s most entertaining team from top to bottom.

At point guard the Warriors have Steph Curry, arguably one of the greatest shooters of all time. He is a five-time all star, a two-time MVP and a three-time NBA champion. He has also led the league in three-pointers every season since 2013. Curry’s talent and dedication to basketball makes him one of the most exciting stars to watch in the NBA.

The Warriors have another fantastic scorer in shooting guard Klay Thompson. Thompson has made it to the All-Star Game three times and also has won three championships. Thompson just set the single-game record with 14 threes against the Bulls this week. Who wouldn’t want to watch that

While Durant is often criticized for his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder after the 2016 season, there is no denying the talent he has on the court. Durant has made it to the NBA All-Star Game every season since 2010 and he also won an NBA MVP award in 2014. The back-to-back Finals MVP is electric. He can score on and over anybody in the league.

Draymond Green adds a heavy dose of attitude to the Warriors. His loud mouth and knack for picking fights is a must-watch television experience.

The Warriors continue to add on the pieces to their super team with the signing of center Demarcus Cousins. Cousins is currently injured, but he’ll see plenty of minutes when he returns. He’s a technical magnet as well.

NBA fans want to see the stars and there is no shortage of them with Golden State. Combine that with Steve Kerr’s political banter with the media and it’s hard not to enjoy watching this team.

Marshall will argue that the acquisition of Lebron James makes the Lakers more entertaining, but one single player does not outnumber the Golden State five. They are unquestionably the most entertaining team in the NBA.


Los Angeles Lakers

By: Marshall Macaluso

Ever since the Los Angeles Lakers went on their league-changing, free agency spending spree, ESPN First Take commentator Stephen A. Smith has been adamant that the Lakers resurgence is great for the NBA. He’s right.

Obviously, viewers have noted a lack of competition in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors’ recent dominance, but the Lakers’ potential return to greatness is much more entertaining for the basketball world than the Eastern Conference wannabes.

The Lakers are arguably the most well-known NBA franchise, and are consistently among the top-10 richest sports teams in the world. On top of that, the Lakers do all of this regardless of their chances in the Western Conference.

This season, the Lakers have capitalized on all that fame and fortune by signing one of the greatest players in NBA history, LeBron James.

They also signed some of the greatest human memes in recent NBA history in Lance Stephenson, Javale McGee and Rajon Rondo. Not to mention, the Lakers have intriguing young stars like Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and the infamous big baller, Lonzo Ball.

These new-look Lakers have potential to be a playoff contender, but no matter how well they do this year, the entertainment factor is off the charts. LeBron is a human highlight reel in himself, but there will be plenty of bloopers and hilarious moments with the new offseason signings.

The Lakers have already had a mid-game brawl against the Rockets involving Rajon Rondo spitting on Chris Paul, and Brandon Ingram throwing right hooks to defend his teammate. In addition, the dynamic duo of Lance Stephenson and Javale McGee already have enough blooper videos and celebration GIFS to have their own Twitter account.

With all this, plus LeBron James, the purple and gold are truly captivating. The media, money and trophies follow King James wherever he goes. His entertainment value combined with his eccentric supporting cast make the Los Angeles Lakers the most entertaining team in the NBA.


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