Pantry hosts drive

Peanut butter, granola bars, canned meat and instant meals are just a few of the non-perishable food items that students can donate to the Vandal Food Drive, according to Megan Miller.

Miller is a coordinator for the Vandal Food Pantry and the food drive. She said the drive is a way to help fellow students, faculty and community members.

“The food drive is a service on campus that aims to support students, faculty, staff, and even community members, who might be experiencing food insecurity, and all of the donations will go right back to the Vandal community,” Miller said.

Miller said that this drive is open to all — not just those at the University of Idaho.

“We have seven pantry locations located across campus and it’s all anonymous and open to anybody who needs it,” Miller said.

Miller said the Vandal Food Drive would take place from Dec. 3 to Dec. 13.

Leslie Kiebert | Argonaut
The Holiday Break Food Drive goes from December 15th until January 8th.

Miller said students can drop off donations at three locations: the residence halls, the Agricultural Science Building, and the Nichols Building.

Miller said there will be bins in each of the residence halls, one in Wallace, one in the Tower, and one in each of the LLCs.

Miller said there is no minimum or maximum amount of food that should be donated, but students should only donate non-perishable food, specifically that which hasn’t expired.

Miller said the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, as well as the School of Family and Consumer Sciences, will be matching donations pound for pound.

Miller said she thinks it is really important that students get involved in this event as they help other students going through food insecurity.

Miller said that if students miss the event, there are always donation bins around campus in which students can donate to including one outside the Student Center for Volunteerism and Social Action, one under Einstein’s Bagel Shop and one in the Pitman Center.

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