Photo feature: Auggies get thrifty

Jim Pfeffer, Photo Editor

Often times when people think of fashion, names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada come to mind, but this isn’t the case with Ezra Bebop and Ava Fojtik, arguably two of the most fashionable people on Augsburg’s campus.

For both Ezra and Ava, the name of the game isn’t Thursday drops by Supreme or grabbing the best runway pieces from New York Fashion Week; for these two, it’s all about the less-than-$10 finds at the Goodwill Outlet in St. Paul or an unnamed thrift store in Richfield. Both Bebop and Fojtik would agree that there is something special about finding a piece that is vintage versus buying it straight from the retailer of your choice when the drip is fresh. The real question is, why does one choose to thrift over buying a piece when it is a new drop?

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Jim Pfeffer: Where did you get your fit that you wore for the shoot?

Ava Fojtik: My jumpsuit was purchased through an app called Deeppop; it is an app where people can buy and sell their used clothing. I really like it because I personally love to thrift, and it has those lower prices but if I’m looking for something special (like a velvet jumpsuit). The fur jacket was from the summer camp that I worked for, so I hijacked it, and the belt and shoes were also thrifted.

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Ezra Bebop: I was wearing light blue Dickies coveralls, a red turtleneck, my Obama hat and the yellow Charlie Brown vans.

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JP: Tell me about the Obama hat.

EB: I was on the Augsburg website first semester last year, and it was me in the Obama hat. It was up for a few weeks, and then someone texted me and was like, “Dude, you’re on the website,” but then they blurred out “Obama” with a poorly done photoshop job on my head. I found the hat in one of my dressers at my parents’ house, and I needed a hat, and I thought it looked cool.

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JP: Where did you get everything else?

EB: I thrifted the coveralls, and the red turtleneck was a gift from an ex, so I had to wear that.

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JP: You both mentioned thrifting when I asked you about your fits. Where are your top-5 places you’ve ever thrifted?

AF: Number one is an absolute gem, and I recommend that everyone goes there. The St. Paul Goodwill Outlet, where nothing is organized so you have to dig in and just find stuff. They charge you by the pound so you can get a lot for a little. Number two is a consignment store in Sacramento. The store is super cool because all of the proceeds go to survivors of domestic abuse. Number three is the Goodwill outlet in Appleton, Wisc. I love the outlets because the journey of finding something is so much more interesting when it’s not organized. Number four would be Fox Valley thrift shop.

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This article was originally published in the Nov. 30, 2018 issue. 

Ava Fojtik and Ezra Bebop spent time with Jim Pfeffer in Lowertown St. Paul dressed in some of their favorite fits. Photos by Jim Pfeffer.


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