Police are currently searching for a man involved in a shooting incident

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Department and the Muncie Police Department (MPD) are searching for a man involved in a shots fired incident last night.

Daniel Len Montero, 33, is the man police are looking for. He was first sighted when an officer working security at the Horizon Convention Center spotted a vehicle in an alley, thought it was a possible break in and approached to investigate.

Montero walked away when the officer approached and took off in a vehicle.

A MPD officer tried to stop the vehicle, but a few blocks later a female jumped out and the vehicle drove away at high speed.

Police were on the Northeast side of Muncie looking for Montero when they saw a vehicle leaving a location they’d been patrolling for him, and began a chase after it at 11:20 p.m. according to MPD.

While driving, Montero shot at the officer and later escaped on foot. Ammunition, an empty gun holster and a shot gun were found in the vehicle, according to MPD.

Police arrested two individuals this morning, including Montero’s brother, who was later released because there was not enough evidence against him.

Anyone with information on Montero’s whereabouts is asked to call police dispatchers at 765-747-4838.

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