Police Reports: 2018-11-30

On Nov. 25, a staff member notified a BUPD officer of a broken glass door at the front entrance of the student center. The building was locked at the time, and entry was not made into the building. The incident is still under investigation.

• At approximately 6 p.m., a student center employee called authorities when she said her former boyfriend walked in, took her car keys from her drawer and drove away in her vehicle.

• A complaint was filed on Nov. 22 about an abandoned vehicle in an alley. Upon investigation by officers, it was found the vehicle was previously reported stolen. The Peoria Police Department took possession of the vehicle.

• During a routine Thanksgiving break check conducted in University Hall on Nov. 21, three long swords were found in one of the dorm rooms. Residential Living confiscated the swords, as they are banned items.

• On Nov. 20, a student reported mistakenly purchasing a stolen phone on Facebook from a non-student. The student said they paid $400 for it, and upon trying to activate it, the phone was discovered as stolen.


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