Quasi-Synchronization of Coupled Nonlinear Memristive Neural Networks With Time Delays by Pinning Control

This paper formulates the models of systems of nonlinearly and diffusively coupled memristive neural networks (CMNNs) with time-varying delays and then investigates its dynamic behaviors. Particularly, a simple yet a generic sufficient condition for quasi-synchronization of drive-response CMNNs is derived based on the Lyapunov functional methods and matrix theories. The main result shows that quasi-synchronization of such CMNNs is guaranteed by suitably designing the memsitive mechanism, the coupling matrix, and the pinning control strategy. In addition, some applicable corollaries derived from the main result are drawn by considering other circumstances, such as the linearly coupling functions, the adjustable coupling strengths, the number of controlled nodes, and so on. Finally, some numerical simulations are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the results.


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